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How does Safety hand glove secure from new Covid Variants?

The whole world is engulfed in an epidemic, but everything is not as scary as it might seem at first glance. If everyone takes responsibility for their own health and the health of their loved ones, we can cope with COVID by using Safety hand glove, just like other viruses and bacteria that we have already been able to tame.

Safety hand glove

When should you wear Safety hand glove and which should you choose?

According to WHO forecasts, the whole world will follow the mask regime for the next 2 years. This is understandable, because it takes time to study a new virus and methods of protection against it as qualitatively as possible.

But do not forget that the COVID virus is transmitted not only by airborne droplets, but also remains viable on different surfaces. That is why it is so important to protect not only the respiratory tract, but also the skin.

Doctors say that the constant wearing of gloves can lead to negative consequences. This is a consequence of the fact that a person simply gets common to the feeling of Safety hand glove and can unconsciously touch his face.

Safety hand glove can still help fight COVID.

  • When you work with patients. That is, all workers in the medical and beauty industries must wear disposable gloves.
  • When visiting public transport or shops. An important clarification: gloves must be worn before entering the premises or transport and removed immediately after leaving.
  • If you live with someone who has contracted COVID. It is worth putting on gloves when visiting the room in which the patient is isolated, as well as when in contact with his personal belongings and dishes.

In the rest of our daily life, we can do without disposable gloves. But at the same time, do not forget about frequent hand washing and antiseptic treatment.

How to use disposable Safety hand glove correctly?

WHO recommends the use of Safety hand glove in everyday life? Because they are denser than latex ones and the treatment of hands with alcohol solutions does not affect their integrity in any way. Also, latex gloves are more likely to cause allergic reactions.


There is a wide selection of examination gloves on our website.  This model is more resistant to mechanical damage and punctures, which is extremely important.

Any gloves cannot be common more than once. Once removed, they must be disposed of.

Healthcare providers should change gloves and clean their hands after each patient. Do not touch door handles, railings or taps with gloved hands if you need to examine a patient.

Gloves should also be common very carefully in everyday life:

  • Before putting on disposable Safety hand glove, wash your hands and treat them with an antiseptic.
  • After putting on, gloves must also be treated with an antiseptic.
  • Do not reuse disposable gloves, because bacteria and viruses have already settled on them.
  • It is advisable to use disposable gloves only indoors or in transport.
  • After removing the gloves, they must be disposed of.

It is very difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without the use of medical gloves. Now it is especially important not to neglect personal protective equipment in order to protect yourself and your loved ones. Being on the street, willy-nilly, a person must touch surfaces on which dangerous bacteria and viruses is easy to locate. Railings on the subway or bus seats is dangerous.

The best alternative to modern latex

As it turns out, many healthcare workers are allergic to latex. That is why our company offers a special series of gloves. We supply latex-free powder-free products. In terms of quality, they are in no way inferior to their latex comrades.

Gloves are made of polychloroprene. The inner surface is polymer coated for easy donning. The product is sterilized by gamma radiation. Safety hand glove thickness – from 0.16 to 0.20 mm (depending on location).

Model advantages

  1. The product is powder-free, which prevents an allergic reaction to the powder. And the absence of latex in the composition saves from allergies.
  2. The textured surface simplifies handling by preventing the tool from slipping in the hand.
  3. There are no chemical residues in the composition that can cause type IV allergies.
  4. Thanks to the polymer coating, DHD gloves are now much easier to put on on wet hands.
  5. The improved cuff extends the life of the glove by preventing tears during donning and rolling.

Use of Safety hand glove

Gloves are common everywhere. Every housewife has a couple of such products in the kitchen or bathroom. They are simply irreplaceable in the home, although their scope is much wider. Where are gloves needed?

  1. Medicine. The main scope of the Safety hand glove. No doctor will start working with bare hands. It is also an important part of the work of nurses and orderlies. Gloves are actively common by veterinarians in their work. While saving the health and lives of animals, you should also think about your own safety.
  2. According to all sanitary standards, cooks must work strictly with gloves. First, this will protect food from microbes. Also, when working with various seasonings, it will save your hands from getting salt and acid into microcracks of the skin.
  3. Permanent make-up. The art of tattooing is gaining popularity, so safety is extremely important in this business. A good master always works with gloves, everything is sterile and of high quality, because the life of the client can depend on it.
  4. This area is simply unthinkable without means of protection. Chemists working with alkalis, salts and acids must always be protected. The same applies to biologists who work with dangerous microorganisms or poisonous plants.
  5. All workers in this area work strictly with Safety hand glove. Every day they must carry out several minor facial surgeries.
    Safety hand glove 2021

Good elasticity of Safety hand glove

Gloves should fit snugly and comfortably on your hand. If the size is correctly selected, the specialist does not feel discomfort, he is not cramped or too loose. Elastic gloves do not tear when pulled. The density of the material is high.

Working with tools

We have presented models in which it is convenient to work with small tools. Gloves anatomically repeat the configuration of the hand and do not interfere with work. The employee does not make mistakes in his activities. The textured surface provides a secure grip for any tool.


Safety is a key concept in any production. The employer must provide employees with the necessary materials, protect the skin of the hands from harmful components. We offer various types of Safety hand glove – a wide selection for all areas of the industrial sector. Absolutely all models are tested and maximally protect the skin of the hands.

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