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How to choose the most suitable safety hand glove?

On the labor protection equipment market today, there are many types of safety hand glove to support all jobs of workers. But it is not easy to choose a pair of gloves necessary for your job. Remember, with a limited budget, you can't bring in all of the gloves to test out what works.
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When choosing safety hand glove for your job, consider the following types:

Medical gloves, latex gloves:

These gloves protect your hands when in contact with blood or body fluids. They can also help protect you from chemicals depending on the glove material, type of chemical or duration of exposure. The best solution is to replace gloves immediately after contact with chemicals.

Insulating gloves:

These are gloves good to protect workers in jobs that come in contact with conductors. Gloves should always be checked for faults and its proper resistance information before each shift.

Leather Gloves:

Welder's gloves cover the worker's sleeve to prevent soot from entering.

 Cut resistant safety hand glove:

Depending on the level of danger and the working environment, choose materials such as stainless steel mesh, Kevlar fiber or other materials to resist cuts and have a lighter weight. Stainless steel mesh material is often good when dealing with food because it can be cleaned easily.

Chemical resistant gloves: This type of glove comes from many different materials with different wrists and arms in length and thickness. Choose the right glove for you based on chemical resistance information and conditions of use. Refer to the chemical safety data sheet to use appropriate gloves.

Heat-resistant gloves: Many gloves can withstand heat, especially those with an extra layer of textile padding. For jobs that involve hot materials or high temperatures such as casting, specialized gloves are essential to keep workers from getting burned.

Cold resistant safety hand glove

There are also many types of gloves that can prevent hands from freezing. You need to consider the working environment. Working in a freezer is different than working outside. If you have to work in a cold room, choose a pair of waterproof gloves. For heavy work that could damage the gloves, prepare safety hand glove.

Insulated rubber gloves are designed to protect hands from contact with electrical conductors and equipment, which can be life-threatening. However, not everyone knows how to choose and use this type of glove appropriately. This leads to unfortunate mistakes. Therefore, if you do not know how to choose and use insulating rubber gloves, do not ignore this article.

1/ Grasp the voltage classes for insulating rubber gloves

For those who work in the electricity industry, having to come into contact with electricity, most of them come with the safest gloves, as well as equipped with the necessary knowledge.

However, if you are a horizontal hand, want to use insulating safety hand glove, the first thing you need to know about voltage classes, for each layer, the maximum regulation is how much to use. You can refer to the following table:

Corresponding to each level of electricity, the choice of insulating rubber gloves will be different. You need to know these indicators when choosing and before using to avoid unnecessary risks.

2/ Specifications of insulating safety hand glove

Make sure that the insulating rubber gloves you are using are correct by checking the safety specifications listed on the gloves. For production workshops and factories, pre-use inspection is almost a mandatory step.

It is to ensure the highest safety before handing over to workers. This step comes by experienced, knowledgeable people. If you are a novice, it is best to learn about these parameters thoroughly before using, maybe thanks to people with previous experience.

Also of concern is the indicated time of rubber gloves and other rubber protective items. This will be done by the technical team or you must check it yourself before use to ensure safety.

3/ Test before using insulating rubber gloves


Before using, workers should check gloves for tears, punctures or damage by pumping air into the gloves and feeling the air coming out with their bare hands. We should note that with natural safety hand glove, it will be quite difficult to identify the hole with the naked eye. Therefore, this step should be done carefully to avoid risks.

Some manufacturers apply 2 layers of different colors on the inside and outside of the glove. If the glove has damage to the color layer, the color will be contrasted, easier to identify, and save time.

4/ Store insulating rubber gloves properly

Unlike household rubber gloves, insulating rubber gloves need to be stored properly after use. This step helps the gloves to avoid damaging agents before the next use. With insulating rubber gloves, you need to store them at a cool, normal temperature.

  • avoid high temperatures
  • avoid bends
  • Moreover, avoid bumps
  • and avoid contact with metal, sharp objects

When moving, need to put them in. box, should not be put together with other items.

5/ Choose quality insulating rubber gloves

Currently on the market there are quite a few lines of insulating gloves made of rubber, from many different brands and countries. Therefore, consumers need to know how to choose the right product, to ensure safety when using, not to be cheap to avoid risks.
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You can rely on materials, insulation levels, glove origin, and manufacturing brand... to find the most suitable and safest product.

6/ Replace rubber insulating gloves regularly

Each glove line has a certain expiration date. This depends on how often you use your gloves and your work environment. Therefore, to ensure safety when wearing, you need to regularly check the quality and, importantly, replace when the gloves show signs of damage or have expired.


Insulating safety hand glove is necessary protective equipment to protect workers against the impact of electricity, which is dangerous to life. However, users should not be subjective and rely on gloves but need to be careful and check carefully before using. Hopefully, the above sharing has helped you know how to choose and use insulating rubber gloves safely.

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