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Pros & Cons of Work Disposable Gloves 2022

Work Disposable Gloves
Besides natural rubber gloves, work disposable gloves are also a type of rubber gloves that are preferred and used by consumers. Neoprene gloves have unique characteristics that consumers need to learn carefully before buying and using.

Neoprene gloves and the distinguishing features of natural rubber gloves

Synthetic rubber gloves come from chemicals, so they also have their own advantages and disadvantages that natural rubber gloves do not have. You also need to know about these points to make the right choice for the nature of your work.

Advantages of neoprene gloves:

  • Has good resistance to external forces, especially puncture resistance
  • Do not irritate the skin
  • Has very good resistance to chemicals
  • And water and oil resistant, durable

Cons of neoprene gloves:

The ability to hug and feel poor: Because it comes from synthetic chemicals, the elasticity is not very good, so the ability to hug the hand is not good, leading to the feeling of the hand when holding the object reduction.

Poor elasticity:

Manufactured from chemicals, the elasticity of neoprene gloves is quite poor, so when worn, it will feel a bit tight in the hand.

Not environmentally friendly:

Neoprene gloves will take a long time to decompose, so it will affect the environment a lot.

Easy to shrink when exposed to temperature:

Synthetic rubber gloves are very susceptible to freezing, especially when working in cold rooms, affecting the work progress as well as the quality of the output products.

Difficult operation:

Although neoprene gloves also have many different sizes for you to choose from, when you put them on to work, the grip is not very comfortable, and the working operation is also more difficult.

High price:

Because it comes from synthetic rubber, the price is certainly not cheap compared to other rubber gloves.

Affect health:

There are poor quality synthetic rubber gloves that still contain chemical residues when produced, affecting consumers' health, especially easily irritating the skin of the hands. Therefore, when choosing to buy synthetic rubber gloves, you need to choose reputable brands that have been tested for quality.

Notes on using work disposable gloves

Before choosing the right type of glove for themselves, consumers should note the following:

– Understanding your own working environment, choosing the right product for you

– Check the quality of gloves before use

– Read the user manual first to ensure absolute safety when using

– Never reuse damaged or torn gloves because they are dangerous to users

Types of rubber gloves on the market

  1. Powder-free latex gloves:

Work disposable gloves come of latex rubber material, suitable for all skin types, hypoallergenic for users.

Besides, the product has high elasticity, helping fingers to move flexibly. Along with the high thickness, puncture resistance and pleasant smooth surface always make the wearer feel the most comfortable.

And according to market price surveys, powder-free rubber gloves have a higher cost than other products.

  1. Powdered latex gloves:

The biggest advantage of powdered rubber gloves is that they are easy to put on/take off. The powder is very safe to use, is 100% natural cornstarch. Thanks to this, the gloves are not stretched when used.

These products have the small drawback that they are not suitable for those who are allergic to the proteins in talex rubber. And when used in environments with low humidity, the powder will absorb moisture on the skin, making hands always dry.

Powdered latex gloves are not suitable for the food processing industry because the powder will stick to the food.

Nitrile rubber gloves:

As one of the most appreciated rubber gloves by consumers, because it has the following outstanding advantages:

  • Does not contain protein in latex, so it is suitable for all skin types
  • Can be highly chemical resistant, anti-corrosion as well as perfect waterproof. Work disposable gloves are popular in some chemistry laboratories.

How to use more durable rubber gloves?

Gloves today are associated with people's daily life. Like rubber gloves to wear when used in water for many hours or in water with detergents. The time to use rubber gloves completely depends on the way of working; avoid places of rubbing or piercing because when a rubber glove is punctured it is no longer valid.

Cloth gloves are often cheap to buy, mainly used for carrying heavy objects or gardening. It is common for users to replace a new pair of gloves when the old pair of gloves has accumulated too much dirt.
Work Disposable Gloves 2022

Need to avoid buying work disposable gloves of unknown origin

In the current press, there are many cases of seizure of thousands of used gloves. Those who perform the act of producing work disposable gloves that do not guarantee such quality will be dealt with. The act of producing rubber gloves that does not ensure quality has a serious and direct impact on human health.

Especially, when the current outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, disposable rubber gloves are used a lot in the medical field for epidemic prevention and control, so many businesses have taken advantage of the epidemic to prevent and control the epidemic profiteering.

If an organization or individual commits this act, depending on the nature and extent of the violation, that organization or individual may be administratively handled or examined for penal liability in accordance with law..

Always s Prefer Professional work disposable gloves Manufacturer

When buying rubber gloves, consumers need to buy at clear addresses such as supermarkets, genuine stores and reputable e-commerce platforms. When buying, buyers need to choose products with clear packaging, labels, and instructions for use, address and necessary hotline number to contact.

Besides, if consumers are too familiar with any product, they should maintain the use of that product, and if there is a new change, they need to find out carefully.

Where to buy work disposable gloves?


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