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6 Stunning Features of Work disposable gloves

Introduction of Work disposable gloves

In the modern world, the problem of protecting human hands from the effects of hazardous substances, pathogens and microbes has become very urgent. Work disposable gloves are partly the only way to work without the risk of infection or infection of the user and others.

Scope of Work disposable gloves

The need for their use is determined by the safety requirements for personnel of a wide range of professions. They are necessary for workers:

  • medicine;
  • food and chemical industries;
  • Also, beauty salons;
  • Moreover, laboratories;
  • In addition, high-precision production;
  • Also, nanotechnology.

Disposable products are common both to protect against the effects of an aggressive environment and to comply with sanitary and epidemiological standards. The main parameters when choosing them are the material of manufacture and the purpose.

Features of synthetic Work disposable gloves

Vinyl Work disposable gloves are made from a variety of synthetic polymers. Products made from this material are practical and have a low cost. Of their advantages, the following are worth noting:

  • Does not contain natural proteins.
  • Also, Versatility. Suitable for any hand.
  • Furthermore, Simplicity. Easy to put on.
  • In addition, Comfort. High tactile sensitivity.

Products made from synthetic materials withstand the effects of acids, alcohols, caustics, edible fats and petroleum products. Low cost and high protective functions have ensured the widespread use of synthetic gloves in production and in everyday life. The disadvantage of the product is its weak resistance to mechanical stress.

Work disposable gloves

Why choose the right size?

Only correctly selected Work disposable gloves will fully fulfill their protective functions. In order to effectively protect your hands and not reduce the accuracy of movements, they must meet the following requirements:

  1. fit in size;
  2. Also, tightly “sit” on the hand;
  3. In addition, do not squeeze the brush;
  4. Furthermore, do not reduce manual dexterity;
  5. do not cause fatigue and discomfort.

Gloves that are too small will sweat and reduce the protective properties. The risk of contamination and microbial penetration is increased when items are worn too large. Furthermore, In this case, the sensitivity decreases and the quality of work deteriorate.

Sizing synthetic Work disposable gloves

Glove manufacturers use a digital labeling system for their products. To determine their size, you need to follow simple steps:

  • with a measuring tape, determine the girth of the palm at the widest point at the base of the thumb;
  • convert the result obtained into inches by dividing the number in centimeters by 2.54;
  • bring the result of calculations according to the rules of mathematical rounding to an integer value or to a number from 0.5.

The extracted number is that of the European Work disposable gloves sizing system. A special diagram in a tabular form will help you to accurately establish the optimal parameters for the product. Also, The sizes of products for men and women are very different – the shape of the fingers in models for the stronger sex is wider and larger.

Nitrile is a natural rubber substitute. It is common to make various products, including gloves. The material is produced by polymerization where acrylonitrile and butadiene are mixed. The initial components are transformed, as a result, a nitrile elastomer is formed.

Specifications of Work disposable gloves

Nitrile gloves are a transparent film that has a strong molecular bond with horizontal joints. The material can be made in several colors, most often the following options are found:

  • blue;
  • purple;
  • black;

An important advantage of nitrile is hypoallergenic and puncture resistance. This is open up wide possibilities for the use of Work disposable gloves made from this material. They differ in the following qualities:

  1. durable and wear-resistant;
  2. protect against pathogenic microflora;
  3. their elongation rates exceed 500%;
  4. repeat the shape of the hands, fit snugly;
  5. guarantee a reliable grip (due to the presence of a textured surface);
  6. resistant to various media: fats, ethers, solvents, oils, etc.


Despite all the advantages of the material

when using it, it is worth considering the requirements: do not wear for more than 2 hours, observe the care of the skin of the hands before and after using the products.

The patent for the invention of nitrile gloves belongs to Neil Tillitson and Luc de Becker, who registered it in 1997. Since that time, the production and use of products have become widespread.

Nitrile gloves have only one drawback – they are less sensitive than latex Work disposable gloves. However, WMP has developed products using a unique technology that minimizes this disadvantage.

Application of the Work disposable gloves

Nitrile gloves are successfully common in various fields of activity:

  • medicine;
  • cosmetology;
  • laboratories;
  • construction;
  • food production;
  • cleaning;
  • creating tattoos, etc.

Previously, latex was not common in the automotive industry as the material would dissolve on contact with fuel or oil. Moreover, Now manufacturers and workshops buy such Work disposable gloves in large quantities, as they are reliable, provide the necessary sensitivity during work, and are resistant to chemicals and high temperatures.

Also, the products are successfully common in the oil refining industry. Due to the presence of texture on the fingers, nitrile gloves provide a reliable grip of the instrument during the work of a master beautician.

Disposable Gloves facilitate many operations:

  • cleansing the skin;
  • applying masks;
  • peeling, etc.

They can be common at home, to maintain a garden or vegetable garden.
Work disposable gloves 2021

How to choose?

Gloves are universal, suitable for all hands. To find your size, you need:

  • measure the girth of the palm;
  • Divide the result by 2.54, and then round the resulting number.

This is the size you want. You can make a choice on it.

Classification of examination gloves

Products are divided according to several criteria. It all depends on the direction in medical practice. For example, gloves are dusty for ease of donning. Sprinkle with a special material, it can be:

  • corn starch;
  • talc;

However, powdered Work disposable gloves can only be common for external examination procedures (for example, in the practice of dermatologists). As for a gynecological examination or diagnostic procedures involving contact with mucous membranes, powder-free gloves are common – just like in surgery.

If a particle of glove powder gets into tissue, it can have serious consequences for the patient and significantly slow down the healing process.


In addition to these features, gloves are select through size. Thanks to this, the specialist will select an option that is comfortable for work. This is especially important with frequent use, for example, during work in the manipulation room, when there is a flow of patients.

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