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How to properly disinfect PVC gloves? Best Guide 2022

All medical, dental and cosmetic companies are requiring to properly disposing of PVC gloves due to hygiene standards. All gloves that end up in such institutions must also be properly disposed of.

PVC gloves

Why not in the trash, but for recycling?

What are medical gloves for? Correctly, to protect the patient and medical staff from possible viruses and bacteria. That is, all infections remain on the barrier – gloves. This is the main task of this remedy.

But after you take off your gloves, viruses and bacteria will not go anywhere. Therefore, by throwing hypothetically protective equipment into the trash, you endanger the ecosystem and other people. That is why it is important to know and follow the rules for the disposal of medical waste.

How to properly dispose of medical gloves?

In fact, the algorithm is quite simple if the disposal process is properly organizing. Disposable latex and PVC glove is classify as class B medical waste. This is infectious and potentially infectious waste, which also includes devices and devices, instruments, solids and liquids (blood, vaccines). They can cause epidemics all over the world.

The main danger to people and the environment precisely pathogenic microorganisms is common.  They remain on the surface for several hours or days. This time is enough for viruses and bacteria, getting into soil, water or open air, can spread over several kilometers.

PVC gloves Basic disposal rules:

  • Medical gloves are common after the first use, even if the patient has been in contact for a few seconds.
  • Store PVC glovesafter use only in a closed container with a disinfectant solution.
  • All Class B medical waste is placed in tightly sealed garbage bags or containers with a special yellow mark.
  • Sorting follows.

Waste that easy to sanitize is sent to industrial landfills, where it is fully processed, placed in sterile bags and returned to use. It is imperative that each batch is checked with an aspirin sample prior to packaging to identify possible residues of blood or a disinfectant.

PVC gloves made from natural rubber

As you know, PVC gloves are made from natural rubber – the sap of certain types of trees – Hevea. More than 200 types of proteins have been found in this juice, which, in fact, give an allergic reaction.

Of course, latex began to be common not for medical purposes at all. From the very beginning, ordinary children’s balls were made from this natural material. Naturally, there was no question of any allergic reaction.

Fortunately, progress does not stand still, and after the invention of the vulcanization process, latex became extremely popular in all spheres of human life. From that moment on, mankind began to look for solutions, since this material fit tightly into our life.

Latex allergy symptoms

Allergy to latex can manifest itself both immediately and after a month. Today you put on latex gloves for the first time, and a month later you started to react to them. This is due to increased production of immunoglobulin E or the formation of a clone of sensitized lymphocytes.

It goes without saying that it is impossible to make gloves from latex in its pure form, so there may be an allergic reaction to other components. You can find out for sure only by passing certain allergic tests.

The most common reaction is to powdered PVC gloves because cornstarch or talcum powder spreads the rubber proteins into the air.

How is latex allergy manifest?


  • Contact dermatitis: rash, redness, micro-wounds, peeling, itching.

Such symptoms can manifest themselves not only in the place of direct contact with latex.

  • Allergic reaction of an immediate type: sneezing, cough, redness of the eyes, rash on the mucous membranes, shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness.

This reaction can develop immediately or after several hours. It is important to monitor your condition as soon as you feel unwell.

Such symptoms occur during or after contact and disappear completely after a long break in the use of latex products. Unfortunately, the likelihood of allergic reactions to other substances or foods in people with latex allergy is quite high.

How to avoid contact with PVC gloves?

We meet latex all the time: doctors and beauty workers must wear gloves every day. Production workers also wear gloves for protection. And at home it is impossible to imagine the condition of the skin after a complete cleaning of the house without PVC gloves. Do you agree?

In the modern world, we had to learn to live with new realities. But despite the fact that COVID-19 has made its own adjustments, everyone has rethought a lot.

importance of cleaning and hygiene in our lives

For example, the importance of cleaning and hygiene in our lives. Previously, we did not think so much about how often it is worth washing our hands or doing wet cleaning of premises with disinfectants. Today we are aware of the importance of these events.
PVC gloves 2021

Regular cleaning is essential everywhere, but in medical institutions, beauty parlors, food production and in kitchens of food establishments, it is worth paying particular attention to the schedule and quality. For cleaning the premises, it is important to use medical PVC gloves, the price of which allows you to make a stock of the necessary protective equipment.

How to properly clean and disinfect premises?

Depending on the flow of patients, it is important to clean the surfaces with direct contact with disinfectants several times a day, and once a week to do a general cleaning. This will contain the spread of viruses.

If you know that this is far from the last pair of gloves for today, it is better not to apply a care product. Use your favorite cream when you have a break of at least half an hour. Then the cream will have time to absorb and properly affect the skin.


But with constant contact with disinfectants, peeling and irritation of the skin of the hands easy to start. Therefore, you should use PVC gloves. Remember to change them as often as when working with patients. You will only make yourself worse if you walk in the same pair all day.

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