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5 Myths about Protective Hand Glove

Introduction of Protective hand glove

The increased attention to protecting one's health has given rise to many myths that have affected remedies. And Protective hand glove are no exception.

If earlier they were used mainly by medical workers and production workers, now many specialists in the beauty industry, the food industry and in general everyone who work with people use this means of protection.

Which myths about medical gloves are true.

  1. 1stYellow spots on gloves are a sign of prolonged wear

This is a completely implausible statement. Latex gloves often turn yellow. It's all about the material from which they are made.

Rubber is a natural material that contains proteins and phospholipids. It is they who, when interacting with certain chemicals and compounds, can change color from white to yellow.

Natural latex is a chemically active substance. By the way, that is why an allergic reaction may appear on it.

2. 2nd myth. Cheap gloves save money

The proverb works great here: "The miser pays twice."

Most technicians who use Protective hand glove do not remove them after every interaction with a product or customer. Basically, only physicians change them after each patient, so the usage time can take several minutes. For other specialists, not only protective properties are important, but also strength.

Protective Hand Glove

Inexpensive gloves often contain additional chemicals that reduce their durability and protective properties. Accordingly, if you need to work in one pair for 2-4 hours, cheap gloves may not work the entire period intact. And you will have to get a new pair sooner.

That is, trying to save money, you will have to use more gloves per work shift.

3rd myth. Stronger texture = more grip

There are gloves with a strong texture and low grip and completely smooth with a lot of grip. This characteristic depends more on the surface treatment of the Protective hand glove.

Untreated latex is quite sticky. So you can buy latex gloves only after special treatment. Usually this is done by chlorination or polymerization of the surface of the gloves.

This treatment creates a low-tack coating on the surface of the glove. It is on this process that the adhesion of the Protective hand glove to the tools depends.

4th myth. Glove without holes is use for more than 4 hours

Although the gloves are made of flexible materials, microcracks appear on their surface during use. Their quantity and time of appearance directly depends on the quality of the material and density.

The wear resistance of gloves is influenced not only by the material, but also by the intensity of use, scope and contact with chemical or radiation substances. If you work with sharp objects all the time, the chances of damage to the glove are extremely high.

So wearing gloves for more than 2-4 hours means deliberately exposing yourself to the risk of interacting with bacteria and germs.

5th myth. Gloves 100% of the declare material

Unfortunately, it is impossible to create quality Protective hand glove from one ingredient. Therefore, the composition always contains about 4-10% of impurities, which make it possible to create a durable remedy.

In the production of gloves, the following are used:

  • vulcanizers;
  • cross-linking agents;
  • catalysts;
  • plasticizers;
  • activators;

The job of any beauty master is not only about providing quality services. Each craftsman must provide complete sanitary protection for the client.

Protective hand glove is must for customer service

Nowadays, very few people go to have a manicure or a haircut to the master in the kitchen, because we perfectly understand what the danger of such a procedure is. Even if the foreman uses all the necessary medical supplies, it is impossible to completely disinfect the home customer service area.

But even in the cabin, sometimes all safety rules are not followed. This is how the craftsmen save in order to make more money without thinking about the consequences. This also applies to manicurists, hairdressers, and cosmetologists.

What is the need for disinfection and sterilization in beauty salons and studios?

Primarily to protect against blood borne diseases, fungi, HPV or bacterial infections.

Any instrument must go through a full cycle of disinfection and sterilization, and the master must use disposable consumables, such as:

  • medical mask;
  • latex or nitrile Protective hand glove;
  • work shoes and uniforms;
  • hair cap;
  • protective screen if necessary.

All these methods of protection are necessary not only for the security of the client, but also for the master. At least 2-3 people pass through one specialist per day. It is impossible to be 100% sure that the client is healthy.

Protective Hand Glove 2021

What is disposable protective equipment for and how often should it be changed?

Many craftsmen neglect the use of personal protective equipment, because at first it is inconvenient to work. But we would like to tell you what is their advantage:

  • The mask is the protection of the master's respiratory tract from organic dust, small hairs and chemicals that get into the respiratory tract, with which every beauty sphere master works closely.

You can use both conventional medical masks and respirators with replaceable filters.

  • Gloves - protection against contact with chemicals and active cosmetics. And, of course, from any diseases that easy to transmit through the skin and blood.

Extra Thick Protective hand glove

Our company presents a line of extra thick gloves. They do an excellent job with any difficulty and protect your hands. Our Protective hand glove are made of materials that do not cause allergies or dermatitis, therefore, when working with them, you do not need to worry about the condition of your skin. Despite being thick, the product still provides excellent hand sensitivity.

Such a glove is 4.5 times thicker than a regular examination glove. This allows you to calmly work with hazardous substances without fear for your life. Such protection does not fail at the wrong moment. However, being significantly thickened, the glove does not lose its elasticity at all and does not restrict movement at all.

For household needs, these gloves easy to use for more than one day. Therefore, this model is an excellent choice for representatives of many professions.

Use of Protective hand glove

Medical gloves easy to use in a wide variety of areas of human life. Many people now use this home remedy, but professional use means a lot. Gloves are used:

Medical professionals: First, it is worth remembering those who save lives every day. To keep themselves and their patients’ safe, doctors must change several pairs of gloves every day.

They are very important to the work of the rest of the medical staff. It is difficult to imagine a nurse or orderly without protective equipment.


Cleaning workers constantly must deal with chemicals that can clean various surfaces, what can we say about their effect on human skin. Therefore, for them, first, the thickness and quality of the Protective hand glove they use are important.

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