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Food Grade Glove: 5 Mind-Blowing Reasons to Buy

Food Grade Glove
Food grade glove
is necessary and important item you can use every day or at work to protect your health. It is good for workers who often expose to hazardous chemicals, water or impurities, etc. If you are looking for information about the product, please read the article below immediately. We will share with you the top 7 rubber gloves recommended by health experts.

1. Nitrile thin rubber gloves

Nitrile thin rubber gloves come from neoprene material. Products that are water- and oil-resistant, should be common for tasks such as:

  • Testing
  • Dental
  • Orthodontics

In addition, a number of industrial production and food processing industries also use this type of glove.

Food grade glove is extremely safe for the skin and health of the user. People with sensitive skin still carelessly use this type of glove. Because the ingredients that make up the product do not have irritating proteins.


Not only are they resistant to chemicals and punctures, but Nitrile gloves are also extremely stretchy. The product is designed to hug from the hand to each finger. On the surface of the gloves, there are rough layers to increase friction and easy grip. You will feel the naturalness when using gloves to work.

2. jzlsafe brand rubber gloves

jzlsafe thin food grade glove products are very reliable. Gloves come of Nitrile material, protecting hands from harmful chemicals.

The product has good elasticity, thin and soft. Users can use it to perform tasks that require high dexterity. Currently, this product is widely applied in fields such as cosmetology, tattooing, laboratories, mechanics, cleaning, painting…

Jzlsafe food grade glove is 3 times stronger than latex, 2 times more elastic than vinyl. Moreover, the product is much more resistant to tearing than synthetic gloves. This is the perfect choice for consumers.

3. Superior Grip food grade glove

The thin rubber glove product that Garan.vn wants to introduce next comes from the Superior Grip brand – Malaysia. Products with black color are made from 100% natural rubber.


The use of the product is an extremely effective anti-stick and anti-bacterial ability. This type of glove hugs the hand tightly, creating a comfortable feeling when common.

Moreover, the palm surface has many embossed patterns, anti-slip and increased adhesion. Furthermore food grade glove is good to use in housework, food processing or gardening.

4.  Anti-static rubber finger gloves

Anti-static rubber finger gloves come from 100% natural rubber. The product is light yellow, the natural color of rubber. In the composition that makes up the gloves there is no chlorine, admire and silicone. This product has the advantages of good antistatic, stretch ability and high strength.

5. Latex thin latex food grade glove  

Latex thin latex gloves are manufactured from natural, non-toxic ingredients. This is the number 1 choice for food manufacturing companies. The product is equipped with soft, velvet-like cotton inside. Users will feel comfortable and easy to use the product.

  1. Latex Gloves

Food grade glove comes from 100% natural rubber combined with non-toxic materials. Consumers can choose this product for food processing, household chores, washing dishes, laundry, gardening, etc.

Like the popular rubber gloves CV 02 has good anti-odor and anti-bacterial ability. The non-stick coating creates a comfortable feeling when wearing gloves. And the important thing is that the price of the product is much cheaper than imported brands.

Plastic gloves are a familiar product to most eateries and restaurants.

Therefore, choosing to use plastic gloves during contact with raw food as well as food is the preferred choice. However, how to use these nylon gloves for hygiene and safety, it seems that users are still not fully aware.

1 nylon glove for multiple uses

Plastic gloves are almost all disposable, ie, after being common once, they need to be thrown away or replaced with another plastic glove.

However, most shops, restaurants or even consumers always use this type of plastic gloves over and over again or use only one pair of these gloves throughout the day to keep themselves safe.

The fact that improper use of plastic gloves in processing is harmful to health

Contains poisons that cause nerve damage

Most disposable plastic products are made from recycled nylon, so its safety needs a lot of attention. However, on the packaging of many types of plastic gloves, there are no notes when using them for consumers. Therefore, consumers will easily make mistakes that need to be limited while using.

Without a shadow of a doubt, among the most common Work Safety practices around the world, the use of food grade glove occupies the first places. In fact, this item is very common to see around, whether in the area of cleaning, health, aesthetics, food, among others.

Why should you buy food grade glove?

For this reason, there are several different models and specifications of EPI, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Knowing each of the options allows you to choose the most suitable equipment for the risk and for your employees.

Acquiring a product in the wrong way can put the worker in direct exposure to risk, which can lead to work accidents or occupational diseases. In addition, you will be putting the company at legal risk and may face fines or lawsuits.
Food Grade Glove 2022

So, if you want to know more about the use of Disposable Gloves in your professional daily life, stay tuned for this article! We will show you the different types of this very important PPE, as well as where to buy it, the precautions to take and much more.

Why is the use of Disposable Gloves so important?

The use of food grade glove is very important in several professional areas and each one of them brings different reasons. In the cleaning area, for example, the glove protects the user against contaminants that could harm their health.

Furthermore, in the food industry, the use of disposable gloves is also essential. In this case, the PPE also serves to protect the food, which, by avoiding direct contact with our hands, is more easily free from contaminants.


As you can see, this is a very versatile PPE that is suitable for many professional activities. The only need is to know how to identify when it should be common and which model of gloves should be common.

That’s because there are at least 3 different types, which can be differentiated by the material of manufacture. That’s what we’ll see in the next topic.

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