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5 Features of Household Disposable Gloves That Everyone Love It

Spas, beauty salons should use Nitrile gloves for this reason!

Household Disposable Gloves

Household disposable gloves have a very sophisticated and trendy design with White, Blue, and Light Blue colors. The product is also the thinnest and lightest glove line. Therefore, the above type supports your operations more easily and effectively.

There are many other outstanding advantages that make Nitrile gloves non-powder, non-sterile, and prioritized by many spas and beauty salons. We invite you to share the following to understand why there is a statement above.

The importance of household disposable gloves with Spa, TMV

With the increasing quality of life, the demand for beauty is growing every day. Now, not only ladies, but also gentlemen, gentlemen, etc., of all walks of life, of all ages are willing to spend money to have a youthful appearance, full of energy.

Stylish soft blue curve lines abstract background

Because of household disposable gloves, the Spa and beauty salon industry is having the opportunity to own a large revenue. However, the requirements of "God" with these line services are not low.

Therefore, knowing how to upgrade your own system will make it easier for you to "withdraw" your customers' wallets while they are still happy.

Support experts to operate conveniently

In addition to the system of modern equipment and machinery, using Nitrile gloves is an option that many people love.

It can be seen that gloves are an essential tool in all activities of Spas and beauty salons. This makes it easy to operate conveniently when needed:

  • Body massage for customers.
  • Eyebrow tattoo
  • Lip tattoo.
  • Eyelid surgery.

Protect hand skin

Thanks to specialized household disposable gloves, we can better protect the skin of our hands against work activities. This prevents the feeling of "heavy hand" affecting the accuracy of the surgical process.


Moreover, when disinfecting, the skin of your hands does not come into direct contact with the above-mentioned strong cleaning solutions. Thanks to that, the condition of the skin that is dry, lack of moisture, peeling, ... is also better controlled.

Avoid infection for customers with household disposable gloves

Skin is the most sensitive and fragile part of the body. This line is easy to face harmful agents such as pathogens, bacteria. Especially when there is an open wound, germs can expose us to a very dangerous risk of infection.

Therefore, finding out which disposable medical gloves are good is becoming a concern of many people. If you are one of them, the following suggestions are worth exploring in more depth.

Increase professionalism

Using international standard quality products, synchronous colors with the general architecture, etc. is also a factor to evaluate the professionalism of Spas and beauty salons.

Therefore, if you do not know which type of household disposable gloves to choose, do not forget to learn carefully about Nitrile medical gloves. Believe that the rare strengths that the product possesses below will not disappoint customers!

Nitrile gloves- great choice should be prioritized

Nitrile gloves are a product of jzlsafe. This line currently has many outstanding advantages that make customers love it:

Slim and light design

Nitrile gloves weigh only 2.5g/pcs. Therefore, this is the lightest household disposable gloves available today. In particular, the above type is also the thinnest among the products in the same line.

It is this factor that helps spa and beauty salon specialists to operate conveniently. Thanks to that, you also complete the job faster and more skillfully. Thus we easily help us to have the satisfying experience as expected.

This is a small but martial secret for Spas and Beauty Salons to retain the gods longer.

Available in many sophisticated, trendy colors

Not only ensuring superior features, Nitrile gloves also have beautiful and trendy colors. Accordingly, the manufacturer offers three options including:

White represents modern beauty, sophistication, and evokes a clean and beautiful space. Light Blue helps the viewer feel familiar, comfortable, avoiding pressure and stress.

Blue color is very suitable when performing minor surgery, major surgery. Deep colors have the ability to hide blood stains, bringing a lighter and more comfortable spirit to you.

Admirable durability of household disposable gloves

Powder-free, non-sterile Nitrile gloves are made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene. This is a synthetic rubber with excellent stretchability.

The above line also avoids strong impacts that cause tearing, leakage, slipping, etc. when scrubbing. Thanks to the material with good elasticity, the powder-free, non-sterile Nitrile household disposable gloves help you protect the skin of your hands much more effectively.

Ensure user safety

Nitrile gloves do not contain Latex, Nitrosamine or Sulfur, etc. Harmful active ingredients that have the potential to cause cancer to users are strictly controlled.

Thanks to that, you also have more peace of mind when using it for a long time. This is also the reason for the above products to quickly pass the rigorous evaluation.

Therefore, you should also experience reality soon to better understand the rare strengths that the above line holds.

International quality, domestic price

As stated on the homepage of jzlsafe, the system brings international quality products for Vietnamese customers to experience.

Household Disposable Gloves 2022

In other words, we are contributing to protecting the health of Vietnamese people with qualified products.

The following information will help you to know about household disposable gloves soon. So, let's read together to bring more good tips when finding the necessary medical equipment for you and your operating unit!

Why say Nitrile gloves are the companion of all doctors?

In the past few days, perhaps people have become more understanding of the hard work of doctors and nurses on the front lines of the fight against the epidemic. The complicated development of Covid-19 has made the whole health sector often overloaded, having to operate at 3-4 times its normal capacity.

It is not difficult to see that the soldiers at the head of the storm are more susceptible to infection. So using standard medical gloves is a smart way to better protect this team.

Nitrile gloves are being preferred by many hospitals as well as facilities. The reason for the above statement is because:

Slim and light design

Nitrile gloves have a superior design with the thinnest thickness compared to other medical gloves on the market today. This line only weighs 2.5g / pcs, so it is also the lightest glove.

The factors mentioned above are very important to:

  • Job performance.
  • Avoid the phenomenon of obstructing the operation of doctors and nurses during patient care.
  • Good control of the risk of fingers and hands being difficult to move leads to very dangerous inaccuracies in all stages of the hospital.


For that reason, quite a few people are now choosing household disposable gloves of the above brand. If you operate in the field of Spa, Beauty Salon, the sooner you should learn about this line to serve customers better!

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