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5 best ways to put on Breathable 3-Layer Face Mask

Breathable 3-layer face mask is still the most effective way to avoid contamination by the new coronavirus. However, when it is unavoidable not to have contact with other people on the street or in environments with large numbers of people.

The recommendation of the health authorities is for everyone to wear a face protection mask that fully covers the mouth and nose.

Breathable 3-Layer Face Mask

Why is it important to keep wearing the mask?

We know that the mask protects us from participating in the chain of spread of the virus. When I wear the mask, I don't pass the virus to other people and when other people wear the mask. They won't pass the virus to me.

Does social distance need to be respected with the use of the mask?

Even though the breathable 3-layer face mask is an important barrier that prevents the spread of the virus, we must double safety procedures. So, we have to keep the distance between people to prevent viral particles that have expelled in speech or cough from reaching a susceptible person.

How do I know if my mask is protecting me?

As a protective measure, the mask must be clean, without the presence of dirt on its surface and dry, that is, with no moisture present.

What's the right way to sanitize the masks?

Reusable fabric masks can wash in the washing machine along with other clothes. As soap already has the ability to activate viral particles that may be present on its surface. Thus, the breathable 3-layer face mask can wash with the clothes in the routine of each residence.

How many hours does it need to be changed?

As a rule, the mask should change between two to four hours of use. This will depend on how much the person who is using it speaks, as talking increases the moisture in the mask, reducing the durability of protection.

What are the most efficient models?

Breathable 3-layer face mask masks are more efficient, but today there are fabrics with an antiviral effect, that is, with the ability to activate the virus that you may deposit on the surface of the mask.

When buying a mask on the street, what care should I take when sanitizing?

Preferably, you should take the mask home and wash it before use, as we don't know who handled the mask before us.


What is the correct way to throw them away?

The mask must be placed in a plastic bag and tied so that it does not come loose.

What care should be taken for physical activities?

Try to use comfortable breathable 3-layer face mask that allow greater breathability, without losing the filtering capacity. After physical activity, the mask will be wet and therefore must change.

What precautions should we take in relation to face protection?

This is the moment when we must be very careful, many times the mask can place on a potentially contaminated surface, such as on the table itself or on clothes. The ideal is to put it in a plastic bag that has a zip closure.

Hands should wash before and after handling the mask. Never put the mask on the neck or leave it hanging from the ear during the meal.

The use of breathable 3-layer face mask: reduction of cases of covid-19

The coronavirus transmits through droplets that expel when we speak, cough or sing. Or wearing a mask is a barrier that prevents the circulation of the virus in our environment, prevention is potentially greater when we combine hand care and social distance.

Certainly, such procedures managed to keep the spread of the virus compatible with the health system prepared to deal with the most serious cases.

How to use the protective mask for non-professional use?

The breathable 3-layer face mask for non-professional use must well adjust to the face, covering the nose, mouth and chin, minimizing spaces that allow air and respiratory droplets to enter or exit. Its use must limit to a minimum period of 3 (three) hours.

Therefore, it is important that the user takes spare masks with him, in case his stay on aircraft and other areas of airports exceeds this period.
Breathable 3-Layer Face Mask 2022

Proper care for using the mask:

  1. Before putting the mask on your face: Wash your hands with soap and water or 70% alcohol. Use only a clean, dry and break-free mask;
  2. Adjust the breathable 3-layer face maskto cover mouth, nose and chin, without leaving spaces on the sides. Do not cross the straps, as this can cause slits on the sides of the face;
  3. Change your mask if it is dirty or wet, even if this occurs less than 3 hours after the last change;
  4. Do not share your mask, even if it is clean and sanitized; e) Avoid touching the mask while wearing it. If you touch it, wash your hands. immediately;
  5. Remove the mask holding it by the straps, without touching the front part;
  6. Clean your hands after removing the breathable 3-layer face mask; and
  7. Resist the temptation to pull the mask up to your chin or forehead, or even take it off when talking to other people.

The use of the mask inside the aircraft

It is allowed to remove the mask inside the aircraft on domestic/domestic flights for: hydration (drinking water) and food (in the case of the elderly, children under 12 years old and travelers who have diseases that require a special diet). On international flights, the removal of the mask to feed passengers remains allowed.

How to put on the breathable 3-layer face mask?

  • Before putting on a mask, wash your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with the mask and check that there are no gaps between your face and the mask.
  • Avoid touching the mask while wearing it; if you do, wash your hands immediately with an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  • Replace the mask with a new one once it is damp and do not reuse the masks.
  • To remove the mask: remove it from behind (do not touch the front of the mask); immediately dispose of in the trash; wash your hands again with alcohol or soap and water by hand.
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