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11 Applications of Medical Gloves in Hospital?

Medical gloves overview

This type of glove is made of natural rubber. Medical gloves are the famous latex which, as we know, is a vegetable resin extracted from the sap of the rubber tree. This material is also the raw material for a series of common items in our daily lives, such as tires, hoses, condoms, among others.

Medical Gloves 2021

As it is a plant extract product, some people may have latex allergies. Allergic reactions usually manifest as skin irritations but can progress to more serious complications. To avoid any risk, in these cases, it is recommended to replace the latex glove with nitrile gloves and synthetic material.

Segments of medical gloves

There are basically two latex medical gloves segments:

  1. Firstly, disposable
  2. Second, reusable

Characteristics and indications of medical gloves types

Given ahead are characteristics and indications of medical gloves.

1-Disposable gloves segment

Disposable gloves are:


  • First, non-sterile (except for surgical latex gloves, which are sterile)
  • Second, with or without the presence of starch powder inside the medical gloves
  • Also, it has its application in works and procedures that characterize the disability of gloves
  • Moreover, gloves for the medical market are produced in accordance with anvisa/inmetro
  • Lastly, it has authorization for use in hospitaland dental procedures.

2-Reusable gloves segment

Reusable gloves are:

This type of glove has its application in long-term (non-disposable) work, is divided into two patterns:

  • First, without textile support structurally made of latex resin, without lining.
  • Second, when they are fitted with a lining (usually with cotton flakes), it has the function of absorbing excess sweat from the user’s hand
  • With textile support in different fabrics with partial or total medical gloves

Advantages of Latex Gloves

One of the great advantages of the latex glove is, without a doubt, the ergonomic comfort it provides to the user. This means that the employee will not have their movements compromised by the use of the accessory. The hands and fingers will be able to move widely, with great agility, flexibility, grip, and tactile sensitivity in the face of manipulated materials.

Another benefit is that they are generally sold for a lower price compared to other models of gloves. In general terms, we can summarize its advantages as follows:

  • Great malleability and flexibility
  • Moreover, greater tactile sensitivity
  • Excellent mechanical protection for medical gloves
  • Furthermore, excellent protection against blood and other fluid pathogens
  • Great resistance against types of ketones

    Medical Gloves

When to use Latex Gloves

There are several functions that demand the use of latex gloves due to the protection and resistance they offer. These characteristics, as we have seen, combine with the dexterity and agility of the user’s movements. Let’s go to the main jobs that require its use:

  • Quality inspection work, especially when necessary tact
  • Moreover, aesthetic jobs such as manicures, pedicures, waxing, and eyebrow design
  • Maintenance work due to the use of torque, traction, and grip tools in medical gloves
  • Works in civil construction due to the use of tools and transport of materials such as
  1. Firstly, bricks
  2. Secondly, blocks
  3. Moreover, ceramics
  4. Sacks
  5. Carts
  6. Buckets
  • Above all, hygienic work and general cleaning.

How to put on medical gloves?

It may sound silly, but properly wearing a glove is critical to the effectiveness of your protection. This is because if we touch the outside of the gloves with our hands, they will become contaminated. That’s why it’s critical to follow the instructions for medical gloves

Eight steps for using medical gloves

  1. First, start by putting on your dominant hand first: right for right-handers, left for left-handers
  2. Second, locate the strap that is on the edge of the glove, and remove the glove holding this edge.
  3. Make sure the thumb position is in the same position as the hand you are going to put on first
  4. Stick your hand through the opening, try at least to get your thumb and forefinger right
  5. With the hand that already has the glove, pull another glove from the box using that edge
  6. Also, make sure the thumb of the glove aligns with the hand that will be worn
  7. Insert your hand into the glove and adjust the position of your fingers
  8. as your two hands have protection at this time, it will be easier to do this procedure.
  9. Ready! You can start your work safely and securely.
  10. During the process, always avoid touching the outside of the glove with your bare hands.
  11. Try to manipulate only by taking the inside

How to dispose of medical gloves

Removing the medical gloves properly is just as important as putting them on, so you don’t run any risk of contaminating yourself with anything that is present in them.

It’s very simple, let’s go:

  1. With an index finger, you will pull the edge of the glove of the opposite hand towards the tip of your thumb
  2. Then, using the index finger of your opposite hand, pull the edge of the other glove out completely
  3. This equipment is efficient in preventing contamination of the hands of health professionals

Contamination prevention in microorganism

  1. First, be common properly
  2. Second, keeping hands clean using an alcoholic solution or soap and water in medical gloves

Recommendations for medical gloves

Its use is recommended for two fundamental reasons:

  1. Reduce the risk of contamination of the hands of healthcare professionals with blood and other bodily fluids;
  2. Reduce the risk of the spread of microorganisms in the environment and transmission from the healthcare professional to the patient and vice versa, as well as from one patient to another

Note that you now have only one hand medical gloves, and you can remove it using the inside, which exposes because of the edge attached to the thumb. If you still have any questions about gloves, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of nutritionists is always ready to answer any questions.


To create germ-free environment, it is necessary to have latest durable medical gloves from a professional

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