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3 Major Types of Medical Gloves: Vinyl Gloves Benefits

Types and scope of medical seals

Medical Gloves

Depending on the field of application, there are medical glove groups:

Diagnostics medical glove

They are common for examining patients; they are suitable for examining mucous membranes and superficial wounds, for carrying out other manipulations. There are different sizes, which are labeled with letters. Gloves can be worn on any hand, and for a secure hold along the entire length of the arm, there is a roller on the cuff;

Surgical medical glove

They are common during surgical procedures and to examine open wounds. These models have an extended cuff that can extend to the forearm. Sizes: 5.5 to 9. Material is thinner to provide the necessary sensitivity on the fingers. Thanks to the textured surface of the palms and fingers, it is possible to hold the instrument securely even in a humid environment.

What is the common material of medical glove?

Medical gloves come of primarily of latex. This material is natural; it is obtained from the sap of rubber plants. The advantages of latex are high strength, elasticity, and extensibility. The material provides a comfortable working environment as it absorbs sweat and maintains excellent tactile sensitivity.

The disadvantage of latex is that it can cause allergic reactions. In this case, you can choose gloves made of synthetic materials, which are also in our range.

Another material common to make medical gloves is nitrile. This material is strong and does not cause allergies. Its distinctive feature is its increased resistance to the negative effects of aggressive substances.

Depending on whether the gloves are coated, they are:


This type includes almost all latex models. To facilitate putting on the gloves, they are sprinkled with cornstarch on the inside;


Thanks to numerous studies, it has been revealed that powder is an aggressive factor and can get into surgical incisions or cause allergic reactions. To make it easier to don powder-free gloves, they use a polymer compound or silicone instead of starch.

In the assortment of the online store, you can find synthetic and latex medical glove that protect against the effects of ionizing radiation. They are common in X-ray surgery, gynecology, angiography, coronary angioplasty, urology, and orthopedics.

Why medical glove are important to wear?

Specialized gloves are also presented in our catalog. They are often common to enhance the protection of patients and nursing staff from adverse or hazardous substances.

They are common when:

  • use or preparation of drugs against tumors;
  • handling chemotherapy waste.

Specialized gloves are 4.5 times denser than examination models. To improve the protection of the forearm, they have long cuffs (from 290 mm) and anatomical shape. The textured surface guarantees a secure grip on the tools. The right and left hand gloves are packed separately.

Medical gloves protect hands

Medical gloves are a means of protecting the hands of a medical worker when in contact with a patient, as well as protecting the patient himself from the bacterial environment on the hands of a medical worker. When buying, it is important to choose the right size of medical gloves so that they do not interfere with various manipulations.

Nitrile medical gloves (powdered and powder-free) are deservedly popular among medical workers, since, unlike latex gloves, nitrile gloves are hypoallergenic, have increased flexibility and elasticity. Such gloves are common for laboratory diagnostic procedures and in most medical institutions when examining patients.

Disposable medical glove


Disposable medical gloves are essential for maintaining the necessary sanitary conditions, as well as ensuring the safety of patients and medical personnel. They are common not only for medical manipulations, but for protection against contact of hands with chemicals, food, laboratory samples, etc.

You can buy wholesale medical gloves from us by placing an order on the website. The assortment of our store presents a variety of options for high-quality products, among which you will find the best in size and characteristics.

What is medical glove powder?

Medical gloves Powder is common to prevent sticking of the product and is only necessary to facilitate the technological process in production. Otherwise, with constant and prolonged contact with the skin, it absorbs proteins and microbes, being a source of infectious danger and allergic reactions.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is better to use powdered types only for short-term manipulations.

The texture of the outer surface affects the grip of the tools; there are textured and micro-rough looks. The first option has a visible and tangible texture, while the second is almost smooth.

Sterile products mainly require for surgical procedures. For medical examinations or use in other areas, non-sterile are most often suitable.

Latex gloves

Latex, widespread and familiar to many, is good because it stretches well, fits the hand, is soft and elastic. An inexpensive option, especially well-suited for everyday use.


  • Maintaining good finger sensitivity;
  • Full fit, elasticity;
  • Holds tools even in humid environments.

Among the disadvantages is the content of proteins in the composition, which can cause allergic reactions, and are also not always resistant to alcohol, oils and ethers. In addition, there is a high probability of sticking, which is why manufacturers often use powder.

Of course, the powder does not let your hands swear, which of course is a plus, but at the same time it can cause allergies, dry the skin and accumulate microbes.

Vinyl medical glove

Medical products made from this material, also called PVC, are notable for their low price and at the same time good characteristics. Medical glove are popular not only in medicine, but also in laboratory activities, in industries. You can also use it for everyday use. They are pleasant to the touch, do not cause allergic reactions, and they also do not have an unpleasant rubbery smell.


  • Comfortable sensation when in contact with the skin;
  • Good resistance to alcohol, alkaline and acid solutions, fats and other chemicals;
  • Fitted comfortably;
  • They have anti-static properties.

They protect well from dirt and substances, but at the same time they can pass infections due to the high level of permeability. Simple models do not fit tightly enough to the hands, as they are not very elastic, so the sensitivity decreases. That is why you need to carefully choose the medical glove size. Not very tear and puncture resistant, but good manufacturers have figured out how to tackle this problem with a variety of hybrid options, including powder-free vinyl gloves.
Medical Gloves 2021

Nitrile gloves

They combine the positive properties of the two previous types, do not contain proteins and do not cause allergies. Gloves with nitrile coating believe to be 100% hypoallergenic, but there is a risk of contact dermatitis during prolonged use.

Due to their resistance to aggressive substances, they are often common in the laboratory and production area, where it is necessary to frequently come into contact with chemicals.


  • Are not affect by alcohols, phenols, acids, aldehydes;
  • Resistant to tears and punctures;
  • Virtually impervious to bacteria and viruses;
  • Elastic, stretch well.
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