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Surgical gloves: What are the 6 prohibitions for them?

surgical gloves
Surgical gloves
 are reliable hand protection during operations with an increased risk of infection. For reliable isolation of the skin of the hands, two pairs are common - the lower and the upper.

Both come from natural rubber latex using technology that provides the highest degree of protection. The sterile package contains two pairs of gloves. The inner ones are green, latex. Outerwear ½ size larger, white or light beige, made without dye.

Both pairs are powder-free.

How the outer pair of surgical gloves is crafted?

The outer pair comes with a micro-textured material for an anti-slip effect. This makes it possible to securely hold metal instruments during surgery, even in extremely humid environments.

It is possible to timely identify the place of damage and replace the protective products.

Convenience level of surgical gloves:

Surgical gloves are made from natural material - latex. They have an anatomical shape, and due to their increased elasticity, they adapt to the peculiarities of the structure of the fingers. Ease of use ensures the smoothness of the material of the inner surfaces of the products - they are easy to put on and take off even without powder.

For comfortable use, sterile gloves are selected by size. The manufacturers offer 7 different sizes - from 5.5 to 8.5. The number (denoting size) is equal to the width of the palm in centimeters.

Each package contains two pairs - an inner and an outer one, each of them is in a sealed sterile envelope. There are 25 packages in the block. The quality of the products meets the accepted standards and norms.

Necessary precautions for surgical gloves:

Latex is not protected from punctures and damage; it can lose elasticity due to inappropriate storage conditions.  Hence, you should not expose your surgical gloves to direct sunlight.

Prohibited for surgical gloves:

  1. use in a sterile environment in case of damage to the package;
  2. use gloves of inappropriate size in surgical practice;
  3. Moreover, use latex products in case of an allergic reaction to the material from which they are made;
  4. continue to use in case of damage and puncture of the material;
  5. increase the duration of wearing one pair for more than 120 minutes;
  6. put on again.

Natural latex provokes allergic reactions in case of individual intolerance. Before using the products, you need to make sure that there is no reaction. If there is no hypersensitivity, additional hand care requires with regular contact with latex.

Can you find a wide variety of disposable surgical gloves?

Yes, you can find a wide variety of disposable latex surgical gloves; vinyl and nitrile gloves is easy to find. At the same time, it is quite durable, comfortable and allows you to maintain the sensitivity of your fingers.


Latex is obtained from the sap of the hevea tree with various impurities. Gloves stretch well, fit the hand well and do not interfere with movement.

What are latex surgical gloves?

Distinguish between classifications by purpose, processing method, type of cuff, size. We talk about the purpose of gloves, that is, household and medical products.

Latex examination gloves are good in the medical field. They are quite thin, but at the same time durable and protect against infection, biological fluids on the skin of the hands. They allow you to hold the instrument securely in your hand without reducing the sensitivity of your fingers.

Surgical gloves have special requirements. They should have sufficiently long cuffs, fit snugly around the arm, protect well from the ingress of microorganisms, and be sterile.

Household gloves are common when cleaning the house, in cleaning services, in the food industry. They protect hands from moisture, dust, dirt, aggressive detergents. Some gloves have a grooved surface to prevent objects from slipping out of your hands.

Features and Benefits of Latex Surgical Gloves:

Latex is an inexpensive material that protects the skin of the hands and does not interfere with movement. Compared to vinyl and nitrile, latex costs significantly less. In addition to the low price, latex gloves have several important advantages:

  • high protective properties (does not allow liquids, dirt, dust, chemicals, acids and alkalis to pass through);
  • high strength (gloves stretch perfectly and return their shape without tears, are resistant to punctures and tears);
  • elasticity (products fit the hand tightly, after use they quickly return to their previous size and shape);
  • quick hand adaptation;
  • a wide selection (on sale you can find disposable surgical glovesof various colors, thicknesses, sizes that will allow you to perform any work).

Gloves for a doctor are a must-have protection. However, a number of requirements come on them, on which the convenience and safety of a specialist's work depends.

How to calculate the exact size?

For any doctor, convenience in work is a guarantee of the accuracy and quality of treatment. This is especially true for surgeons who can perform several surgical interventions per day. The wrong size can significantly affect the specialist from the negative side. For example, if the gloves are small, there are risks:
surgical gloves 2021

  • squeezing the hand;
  • rupture during the operation, which is unacceptable due to the increased bacteriological environment;
  • loss of sensitivity due to material pressure;
  • skin reactions, redness, debate of the epidermis, etc.

When your surgical gloves are large, there is a risk of infection as it does not fit snugly against the skin. Also, when carrying out cosmological or surgical procedures, you can easily hook a material or instrument with it, which will also lead to rupture.

And, of course, if the product is too large, it can simply fall off the hand, which in an operating room, for example, is unacceptable.

Final Words

In the classification of the international health organization, a range of glove sizes distinguishes from 5.5 to 9. You can find out the individual parameter in the following way:

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